About Me

This blog was created for a college course I am taking about photography, new media, and social change. I am a current English high school teacher and would like to incorporate technology in the classroom. I believe that in this technological age, it is essential that students learn these skills in order to become successful in society after they graduate from high school. Many of us are not taught these skills in K-12 or even in college. It is something that is sort of self-taught. Otherwise, people take extra courses just to learn these advancing skills. What I learned in a previous sociology course is that the U.S. is slowly transforming into a country where the workplace does not include hard labor, machinery, and factories. These jobs are being outsourced in foreign countries for much cheaper labor. As a result, many Americans who do not have college degrees or technical skills are left without a stable income and are sinking into poverty. What the current students of today need are these advancing technological skills that they are able to utilize later on in life. Many do not understand that 21st century skills are a privilege that older adults of this current age do not hold. How many times does a younger man or woman help their fathers and mothers use a computer, or even a cell phone for that matter? Using cell phones in the classroom is a step into the right direction of progress and this blog explains how this is a significant change the school system must consider.


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